Developmental Integrative Biology

Expanding the physiology and genetics of development as a base for pure and applied health-related research


Our Developmental Integrative Biology (DIB) cluster at UNT comprises of a vibrant consortium of ten faculty and more than three dozen graduate students, post doctoral fellows and visiting investigators.   Focusing on Developmental Integrative Biology, we employ a highly collaborative approach to exploring:

  • developmental physiology from molecular to organismal levels
  • physiological genomics relating to developmental processes
  • interactions of genes and environment as they influence cellular, physiological, morphological, and behavioral development

Our investigators use a rich variety of animal models popular in developmental studies, including C. elegans, fruit flies, zebrafish, amphibians, birds, and mammals.   Through our use of diverse animal models, we collectively aim to identify major unifying principles of Developmental Integrative Biology. Members in our group are currently funded by NIH, NSF, and American Heart Association. 

UNT has designated our DIB cluster as an area of research excellence, and will be investing heavily in new DIB faculty, support staff, training opportunities, and infrastructure to move us to national prominence. In 2010 we moved into state-of-the-art research facilities in the new Life Sciences Complex providing unmatched opportunities for contemporary studies in Developmental Integrative Biology.

We welcome inquiries regarding potential collaborations, training opportunities, and employment. 

Cluster Coordinator

Edward Dzialowski
Associate Professor

Mailing Address

Department of Biological Sciences
University of North Texas
1155 Union Circle #305220
Denton, TX 76203